Integrations HotSchedules
  • Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series)

HotSchedules Labor provides scheduling, forecasting, and labor rule configuration to help managers control costs, stay connected to their teams and maintain compliance in today’s dynamic regulatory environment. The mobile app gives employees an easy way to access schedules, swap and pick up shifts, request time off, and communicate with their teams, while managers receive real-time overtime alerts to keep costs down.

Key Features

  • Shift templates and activity-based forecasting available to write better schedules faster
  • Best-fit forecast that leverages external factors such as events, weather, seasonality and promotions
  • Real time overtime alerts with our Time and Attendance tool
  • Robust reporting to improve performance and ensure accountability
  • Manager log to record shift highlights and document staff performance
  • Auto pick-ups, shift trades, and mobile availability for your team to manage work/life balance

Integrate labor, sales, guest, and historical data through integration with Lightspeed. With POS-generated labor and sales data, you can achieve higher accuracy between your forecasted, scheduled, budgeted, and actual hours worked.