• Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)

DYNE integrates seamlessly with Lightspeed POS, securely extracting customer profiles, transactional data, menu items, inventory, and staffing information. Advanced algorithms and machine learning models process this data, generating actionable insights tailored for enhancing dine-in experiences and maximizing profitability. With personalized dynamic pricing, staffing & inventory optimization, and effective customer retargeting strategies, DYNE empowers restaurant decision-makers to capitalize on demand surges and optimize revenue streams. By fusing Lightspeed POS data with their dine-in dataset, they provide granular insights and a potent connector to foster growth and improve operational efficiency.

Some benefits include:

  • AI-Generated Campaigns that find the timing based on the foot traffic and events of 100k+ people per state/province AI
  • Pricing, Inventory, and Staffing Recommendations based on 3 months of future-looking data
  • Automated Shift Scheduling and Inventory Procurement to optimize margins
  • Competitor Analysis synthesizing and simplifying the data of 1 million restaurants and retail stores across North America

DYNE is the AI partner that empowers restaurants and retail establishments to drive traffic and maximize profits through Generative AI Marketing and Supply Chain Optimization. By harnessing their industry-leading customer-demand and competitor datasets to process more than 1 Billion new data points monthly. DYNE integrates into your POS, staffing, inventory, and marketing solutions to unlock operational data and connect it all together to dynamically optimize price points, automate shift scheduling / inventory procurement, provide new location and competitor insights, and generative high-impact content with the latest, greatest AI to help chains DRIVE traffic, GROW profits, and EXPAND beyond!

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