Dolce Software

Integrations Dolce Software
  • Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series)

Dolce is a labor tool that integrates scheduling, timekeeping, and sales data from your POS into a single Labor Center. Manage actual sales and labor against forecast sales and labor to drive profitability. Enforce Lightspeed clock-in to your schedule, and save.  Complete tip management, pooling, and distribution. Save time with simple payroll integrations. Track overtime and reduce risk with labor compliance. Employees love scheduling, shift swapping, and communication on our mobile app. View analytic rollup of multi-unit.

Key Features

  • The only software on the marketplace with the technology to “link” time-punches with scheduled shifts.
  • Build schedules with a target labor-to-sales percent, based on predictive sales.
  • From a single screen, audit projected vs actual labor spend.
  • Tip Pooling to Payroll – auto pulls credit card tips from POS, manual entry of cash tips, pools and distributes to employees according to time worked, point-weighting by role, individual server, or manual adjust.
  • Schedule multiple departments and locations simultaneously with ability to share employees across locations/roles/wages.
  • Enforce clock-in to schedule when clocking into Lightspeed, with flexible override settings; employees validate time cards and break compliance on clock-out, with optional managerial sign-off in the event of non-compliance.
  • Full featured mobile app supports a positive culture – employees love viewing schedules and swapping shifts, managers approve shifts on the fly and track analytics.
  • Payroll prepared for export inclusive of labor laws, tips, and custom inputs.

Build schedules with a target labor-to-sales percent, based on predictive and real-time sales from Lightspeed. Prevent early clock-in to Lightspeed with enforcement against your schedule, with flexible management override. With Dolce’s Tip Management, cash, credit, autograt, and prompted tips can be pooled, shared, weighted by points, and distributed. Flows into payroll.  Employees Employees validate time cards and break compliance on clock-out. Onboard in 20 minutes: employees, wages, sales history, and pre-made schedules based on employee clock-in history.