Integrations Craftable
  • Lightspeed Restaurant (U-Series)
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)
  • Lightspeed Restaurant POS (L-Series)
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  • Craftable is an all-in-one restaurant management suite for back-office, complete with ordering, inventory, costing, AP, payments, and analytics.
  • Craftable pulls your Lightspeed sales ticket and labor data to give you unprecedented visibility into your true costs.
  • By putting together sales and purchases, restaurant operators are able to have real-time inventory and profit tracking. 
  • Craftable automates the P&L by bringing together ordering, payments, inventory, invoices, menu costing, and more.
Reduce your pour costs by 3-5%, food costs by 2 -3%, and labor costs by 50%  with Craftable.

Craftable is a fully-mobile back-office platform for inventory, invoicing, recipe-cost management, accounting, and analytics. Designed for hospitality by the industry’s leading experts. Simple for the floor, powerful for the office.

Built to handle the most demanding beverage programs in the country, our platform is made to control every feature of your bar program and menu offerings. From ordering with vendors, costing every dash and counting every bottle, now you can keep a watchful eye on variance and cost percentage without needing a stiff drink at the end.

With menu engineering, recipe costing and price comparison, your team behind the burners can easily adjust their culinary creations to protect margins in our cost-sensitive industry. Easily manage multiple locations, different vendors, and complex recipes with sub-recipes and batches.

Analytics, Inventory Management, Invoicing, Reporting