• Lightspeed Restaurant POS (L-Series)
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Our Lightspeed x Como comprehensive integration includes all the functionalities you need to know your customers better, engage with them in a highly personalized way and offer them an optimal loyalty experience:

  • Display member details at the POS: name, birthday, special tags (such as VIP, Vegan, Frequent Customer, favorite items), tiers, points, available gifts
  • Allow members to redeem gifts and enjoy automated deals
  • Allow members to pay with their loyalty points
  • Receive all purchase data (members and non-members) into an extensive data analytics platform and analyze it along with other channels data (such as online ordering)


  • Advanced loyalty schemes going beyond the mere points accumulation – such as payment with points, digital punch cards, gamification, tiers, mobile wallet, subscriptions
  • Leverage all the data received through your POS and other channels to segment and target your customers with surgical precision and make real-time strategy optimizations based on analytics – not intuition
  • Easy & fast customer registration through the POS, web portal, your own branded mobile App or your e-commerce/ordering platform
  • Allow your staff to personalize customer experience by giving them easy access to relevant information on your loyal members directly from the POS screen – such as their allergies, diet or preferred dishes

About Como

Como is a data-driven customer engagement and loyalty solution powering F&B and retail businesses to understand their customers and deliver unforgettable experiences.

  • Own your customer relationships Connect the dots between your technologies (such as POS, online ordering or kiosks), access your data in real-time and get valuable insights to boost repeat purchases, encourage higher spending and win back customers.
  • Personalized & seamless experience across all channels Offer your customers an advanced loyalty experience, online and off.
  • Boost your revenue with Como AI driven campaigns Generate additional revenue by targeting customers that aren’t supposed to make a purchase in a specific week and encourage them do so by sending them a personalized offer
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