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  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)

Free, advanced appraisal system for Lightspeed retail jewelers.  

  • BriteCo’s free, comprehensive, cloud-based appraisal system saves jewelers time, and generates added income while offering customers a fast, easy and affordable way to insure their jewelry and watch purchases.
  • The BriteCo Appraisal System technology allows the Lightspeed jeweler customer to conduct appraisals in as little as 5 minutes from your Lightspeed POS. Once an appraisal is finalized by the jeweler, the customer gets an immediate insurance offer directly from BriteCo to insure their purchases, quickly easily and at a very competitive price.
  • The BriteCo Appraisal System offers the most advanced, comprehensive and free appraisal technology available to retail jewelers. Based on the customer’s appraisal value BriteCo offers the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to get A+ rated insurance coverage.

Enables retail jewelers to conduct an appraisal in 5 minutes, along with helping their customers get jewelry insurance coverage in 2 minutes.

BriteCo appraisal system is free for integration through our Lightspeed partnership. Its cloud-based appraisal system saves jewelers time, generates added income while BriteCo gives customers a fast, easy and affordable way to insure their purchases.

  • Super-fast and accurate appraisals in 5 minutes through our cloud-based system
  • Stress-free appraisals that look very professional and can be readily emailed to your customers
  • Complete appraisal management system for organizing and securely storing your appraisal information
  • The option for your customers to get their purchases insured immediately through BriteCo
  • Extra revenue for your store with every completed insurance application

Intuitive screens and dropdown menus help guide you through the appraisal process with value suggestions based on more than 2000,000 data points. Once you finalize an appraisal, your customers can receive a comprehensive, professional looking appraisal PDF via email from your store, and/or a hardcopy.

When your customer receives their appraisal, they also receive a no obligation jewelry insurance quote via text or email directly from BriteCo. This allows your customers to get A+ rated insurance coverage in minutes at the point of sale. BriteCo policies provide replacement coverage for loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance up to 125% of appraised value. Your customers get convenient monthly payment terms or a discount for annual payment.

BriteCo’s free appraisal system is really foolproof and super easy to use.” – Chrysella Fine Jewelry

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