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  • 80% faster than pencil & paper
  • Free and easy Lightspeed integration
  • Track variance

Manage your bar and kitchen, without the headaches.

Extended description:

  • Take inventory, track orders, process invoices, cost out recipes, and see your sales data on any device. Your restaurant’s data is instantly backed up to the cloud and accessible anywhere you go. On average, Bevspot customers see a return on investment within their first 3 months, and have inventory times drop by up to 80%. Less grunt work means savings in labor costs!  
  • By integrating BevSpot into your Lightspeed account, you’ll be able to get set up in no time. Simply import your sales items directly from Lightspeed, upload your existing inventory spreadsheet, or use your vendor invoices to set up your new BevSpot account.  
  • Combining your sales item data from Lightspeed with BevSpot will allow you to track variance and product loss by item. You’ll understand costs and pricing for everything you sell, and the interactive graphs will visualize your top and bottom performers.

Lightspeed customers get a FREE BevSpot account

Category: Inventory Management, Invoicing

Product: Golf, Restaurant