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  • Saving you time and money by delivering reports daily, weekly, or anytime you like.
  • Reports can be fully customized and trained to your needs – such as delivering Predictive Purchasing (Open To Buy) to facilitate reordering
  • Beesly reveals opportunity and peril for your business in your data

“We were spending a full 8 hours each week manipulating spreadsheets. Now we get a Beesly report on Monday morning that has everything we need right where we want it.”

Extended description:

Beesly is not an app, rather, Beesly provides service through software. Think of Beesly as drycleaners for your retail data. We pick it up from your POS software, give it a good scrub, and return it to you in a fashion ready to be made use of. In short, we prepare custom reports for retailers, so you can make informed decisions easily – saving you time and money.

With Beesly, get the data delivered to you when you want it.

  •  Need specific date ranges for comparisons? Done.
  •  Want to set triggers to notify you when events occur in your data? Handled.
  •  Have vendors you want to watch more frequently than others? Sorted.
  •  Run multiple locations and need to have cluster reports? Managed.
  • Want to see aggregate inventory demand from all your locations by vendor? Compiled.
  • Have key customers you want to satisfy? Delivered.

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Product: Retail

Chronogolf is now Lightspeed

Chronogolf is now Lightspeed

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