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  • Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)
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Take the guesswork out of strategic marketing. Ascent360’s leading marketing automation platform cleanses and enriches all of your core transactional data, across 100+ POS, eCommerce and other systems, providing you a single solution that’s focused on driving sales through segmented, personalized marketing.

  • Ascent360 is a data driven marketing platform that unlocks the power of your customer data and enables you to deliver personalized 1:1 messages at scale.
  • Ascent360 integrates with, scrubs, and enriches data from over 100 POS, ecommerce, lodging, booking and other systems.
  • Use your data to start sending personalized messages that matter and build relationships that result in immediate returns and lifetime advocates.
  • Data enrichment, proven-to-perform pre-built campaigns and expertise in strategic, data driven marketing and analysis set Ascent360 apart.

Seamlessly connect your customer data from Lightspeed to start building hyper-targeted segments based on purchase history, product value, demographics and more. Choose from our template library of high-impact automated marketing campaigns to share with your customers across email, mobile, ads, Facebook, and Instagram. Use our out-of-the-box reporting to track the revenue generated from each of your campaigns, prove ROI, and optimize marketing spend and resources.

Plans start at just $18/month

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