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AnyDay automates gratuity and tip pooling with instant, daily digital payouts.

Payments+ is a simple to use digital platform, tailor-made for tip pooling, calculation and distribution among staff. Restaurant sales data is synced from your Lightspeed POS and calculations are done automatically. It takes the total gratuities in the pool, divides it based on points or percentage and shares it among all staff in the pool; taking hours worked and job weights into consideration. Just set your tip rules once and let it run automated pool calculations daily. No more manual effort or margin of error in the pool.

Other benefits include:

  • Improves restaurant profitability by removing laborious and administrative tasks associated with paying out tips in cash, saving operators a minimum of over $4,000 monthly.
  • Helps ensure compliance with CRA regulations in Canada and compliance around tip pooling transparency across North America.
  • Improves employee retention by providing employees with instant access to both tips and easily calculates tip pools.
  • Enhances financial reconciliation, controls and reporting.

AnyDay automates gratuity distribution and tip pooling calculations with instant and daily digital payouts and distribution at scale. Compliant, secure and efficient, AnyDay saves operators thousands of dollars monthly, improves staff retention, and is apart of best practises for compliance. Tip pool calculations are seamless with Lightspeed and Time & Attendance integrations, pulling sales and tips data from the POS and Time & Attendance. Flexible and customized tip pooling rules ingest sales data to simplify and automate tip calculations for accurate and transparent distribution.

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