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Lightspeed + QuickBooks Online integration

  • Lightspeed + Quickbooks Online – integration captures all daily Lightspeed transactions and syncs data in a summarized format to a single invoice in QuickBooks by mapping sales, payments and taxes which can be tracked by products, by location and by categories.
  • Multi-venue sync – integration sync sales totals from multiple establishments to a single or multiple QuickBooks account files.
  • Time based auto-sync features – users can choose when the sync should be triggered to ensure all relevant information is captured.

Setup process 

  • Connect your Lightspeed and QuickBooks accounts;
  • Map the sales, payments and taxes accordingly;
  • Schedule the sync to capture the transactions of each trading day;
  • Reconcile these transactions against the clearing account used;
  • All done! It’s that simple.

About Amaka

Amaka is trusted by vendors and users in the global market as a result of the seamless, reliable and flexible integrations built by accounting professionals where manual encoding of transactions are no longer required. Amaka brings simple-to-set-up and affordable enterprise-level accounting automation tools for hospitality and retail SMBs thanks to its unique integration technology and support model.

Please reach out Amaka for more details and pricing!

Category: Accounting

Product: Retail

Chronogolf is now Lightspeed

Chronogolf is now Lightspeed

Used by over 850 golf courses worldwide and supported by the same team of passionate golfers, your favourite golf course management system is now powered by Lightspeed