Site Search 360

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Site Search 360 ensures your website visitors find exactly what they’re looking for, so they stay longer and convert more. 3-minutes to set up. Get started for free. No credit card required.

Site Search 360 powers search and discovery for 1000's of the world’s leading brands. Companies like Black & Decker, Philips, Panasonic, Exxon, Cisco, and Singtel trust Site Search 360 to guide millions of customers worldwide daily in their product discovery, support, and website search.

  •         Easily add smart search and filters to your website or store
  •         Enable buyers to search for products using natural language
  •         Customize results to increase awareness of products or promotions  
  •         Analyze your visitors’ search behavior to optimize marketing



Deliver lightning-fast and hyper-relevant search results everywhere.

  •         Semantic, natural language search including voice search and catalog enrichment
  •         Synchronized with your product catalog in real-time
  •         Crawl and index content from any source (webpages, videos, FAQs, PDFs, and more)
  •         All-in-one search solution for products, site, and support knowledge base.
  •         Rich Autocomplete and typo tolerance
  •         Supports search in multiple languages
  •         Quick product previews within results - thumbnails, price, reviews, etc.
  •         Boost, bury, or hide results
  •         AI-powered relevance and rank optimization
  •         Federated, cross-domain, and cross-platform search
  •         Fully customizable design (branding, result page structure, preview, etc.)
  •         "No result" mitigation options
  •         Create a custom dictionary and synonyms to enrich results
  •         Inject promotions, banners, and custom pages into your search results
  •         Redirect searchers to specific pages based on keywords to promote upsells and cross-sells 


Enable page and product filtering based on any tag, metadata, or keyword

  •         Semantically enrich product tags (enable filtering for attributes like for gaming, big screen, suitable for children, etc.)
  •         Create filters based on any product attribute
  •         Customizable design, layout, and filter options
  •         Optimized for mobile and accessibility-conscious
  •         Multi-select, range, and date filters, and sorting options


Advanced search analytics dashboard. Analyze search results to optimize sales, merchandising, and SEO.

  •         See which products, questions, and keywords your visitors search for most
  •         Promote results based on best converting products and pages
  •         Identify and fix broken links or search terms with high abandon rates
  •         Trigger automated search insight reports


Easy implementation and best in class support

  •         Enterprise-class support by chat, email, and phone
  •         Help center with onboarding manuals and knowledgebase
  •         Detailed developer documentation
  •         Get your search up and running in minutes
  •         Free plans available. No credit card required



Set-up instructions on Lightspeed

  1. After clicking on "Install App" Site Search 360 will instantly import your shop data for indexing from Lightspeed. You will be redirected to the platform’s control panel and automatically logged in. You will get your initial, temporary password by email.
  2. You might need to wait a few minutes for the platform to index all your products and make them available in the search results for stores with large catalogs.
  3. On the left-hand menu you can navigate Site Search 360’s various sections and features: 
    1. Go to "Plugin Configuration" on the left-hand menu to customize the design of your search interface and align it with your brand and preferences.
    2. Tweak the behavior of your search engine from the “Result Manager” section on the menu. Here, you can hide, demote, or promote results or even inject custom results to promote bestselling products or showcase special deals.
    3. Visit the dashboard to gain insights into your visitors' search behavior, or identify potential issues and opportunities like common searches with no results.


For any questions, please visit our FAQ and documentation or contact us from the chat on our website or on the platform.

For further info about our terms of service visit our website or contact us at [email protected]