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Sezzle increases consumers' purchasing power by allowing them to pay for their purchase over four equal payments every two weeks. Sezzle is ideal for merchants that cater to young consumers, with order values typically between $50-$750, although we do accept orders up to $1,000. However, a wide range of consumers use Sezzle, both in terms of age and financial situation.


We collect 25% of the purchase price from the consumer at the time of purchase, but pay the merchant the full purchase price upfront, less our fee. The merchant assumes no credit or fraud risk. We then schedule three additional installments of 25% to be automatically debited from the consumer every two weeks, completely interest- and fee-free.


Allowing your customers to pay over time with Sezzle has shown to increase the likelihood of purchase conversion, increase your average order values, as well as decrease the chances of purchases being refunded.