Gift in Cart

$18.71 / monthly
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  • Offer your customers a little something extra in their shopping cart
  • Make gifts available based on a specific product or minimum amount in the shopping cart
  • Easy and quick to configure


 Why Gift in cart?

When you want to give your customers a little something extra, Gift in cart is the app for you. The app makes it possible to choose gifts in the shopping cart. For example a discount voucher for the next purchase or a small trinket. You just need to create the gift in the Lightspeed backoffice and we will make sure you can offer the present through the gift in cart app!

 How does Gift in cart work?

Once you have installed the app you will directly get access to CMDC’s appframework. In the appframework you can configure the app. You create the gift and choose a product or a minimum amount that will make the gift available. When you have configured the app the gifts will appear within several minutes.


Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login information will be send by email)

Step 2: Log into CMDC’s appframework

Step 3: Configure your settings

Step 4: Save the configuration. The gift in cart app does the rest.

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