Taverne Atlantic—Powered by Lightspeed since 2019

Taverne Atlantic rides the summer walk-in wave with Lightspeed

Taverne Atlantic specializes in a mouth-watering array of pizza and snacks alongside an immaculate beer offering. Founded in 2019, the restaurant and bar has transformed through the years into a destination in Montreal. And the pull to Taverne Atlantic is even stronger when their coveted roof-top patio opens. With nothing on either side, the terrace boasts not just a view—but the feeling of a secluded spot to relax amidst the bustle of the city. But make no mistake, the hustle is happening behind the scenes to keep those tables turning.

Taverne Atlantic bar.

Business type

Restaurant & Bar

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Lightspeed Restaurant


North America

Emmanuel, GM, at Taverne Atlantic stands in the front entrance.

“When I first used Lightspeed as a waiter, I was like, ‘Oh, okay, I see why people would switch to this. It is really user friendly.”

Emmanuel Vallières, General Manager, Taverne Atlantic.


When the weather warms up, Taverne Atlantic experiences a near constant flow of traffic. The spacious interior serves upwards of 60 people and the rooftop patio 40. Monday evenings are often as busy as Friday nights, so a point of sale system with speed and flexibility are non-negotiables. One of the greatest challenges is the summer season’s influx of guests and finding a seamless way to balance the flow from indoor to outdoor. There is a running waitlist of patrons wanting the patio, with guest even eating part of their meals inside before finishing the night on the roof. As General Manager Emmanuel describes it, “It’s constant. Every minute there's something. I have two restaurants at the same time” the rooftop patio and downstairs. It’s a [huge challenge] coordinating these two spaces.”


Lightspeed Restaurant gives Taverne Atlantic the flexibility and freedom to ride the summer walk-in wave. The fast POS is built to handle the level of traffic and ensure that guests are served quickly during their busiest season. The customizable floor plans empower Taverne Atlantic to create a flexible view. From individuals seated at the bar to last minute parties, Emmanuel can add and adapt the patio whenever he wants, from wherever he is. These features take pressure off of the staff and allow them to keep the focus on service. Emmanuel explains, “The modifications for the seating plan are wonderful. We have these two rooms essentially and the employees can find their way around easily. Overall, it really facilitates the transfer from our hostess.” Fast, flexible and customizable to their needs, Emmanuel loves the amount of ease Lightspeed has afforded him both in the restaurant and in his off hours.

The sky(light)'s the limit

Lightspeed has been with Taverne Atlantic since they opened in August of 2019. Year over year, as the summer crowds have grown, the speed and reliability of Lightspeed’s POS system keeps tables turning with efficiency at peak times. As Emmanuel plans for his own holiday this summer—he knows he can have peace of mind. “The Lightspeed app is another favorite feature of mine, as it allows me to make changes at any time from anywhere.” This means even when he has a much deserved day off, he still has the restaurant at his fingertips if he needs to check-in. For now, Taverne Atlantic will continue to ride the wave of their busiest season. The business is thriving and with plans to grow, Lightspeed continues to be a perfect fit. Emmanuel muses, “For us, there’s no limits.”

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