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Selftraits saves time (and money) on innovative retail thanks to Lightspeed

Launched in June 2015 as a subsidiary of the 3D-printing company Objex Unlimited, Selftraits uses state-of-the-art 3D capturing and printing technologies to produce industry-leading 3D-printed figurines. As a consumer-friendly way to introduce the public to 3D-printing, Selftraits operates one brick and mortar location, an offsite production facility and an ecommerce website.

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Ontario, Canada

The Challenge

Before moving to their current location, Selftraits didn’t have an official POS system. This meant they wasted valuable hours on admin, manually entering sales and customer data and opening themselves up to costly mistakes.

The team realized that in order to grow the business, they needed a POS able to deftly handle those back-office tasks and to provide them with accurate, easily exportable data. They needed something that would help them set goals and keep an organized customer database.

The system also needed to be one the Selftraits staff could easily learn and use, especially considering most of them didn’t come from retail backgrounds.

The Solution

With Lightspeed, Selftraits has been able to move on from the days of excessive manual admin. Now, the team trusts Lightspeed to take care of those tasks while they focus on what really matters: delighting their customers.

They also use Lightspeed’s dashboard to get the entire team on the same page when it comes to sales numbers and targets.

“Lightspeed’s easy-to-use platform and overall user-friendliness quickly transformed us into retail experts,” says Jake Cooper, Selftraits’ Marketing and Events Coordinator. “We can set targets, export customer data, and (most importantly) complete a sale with ease.”

The Results

With Lightspeed, Selftraits has more time available to implement campaigns designed to increase revenue and attract shoppers.

Now, they're developing targeted campaigns that have led to an increased amount of return customers, creating curated content for their community and thinking up ways to drive sales and grow their customer base.

By being able to clearly view and export accurate sales data even when they’re not in the store, the Selftraits team stays on top of everything business-related and operates more efficiently and effectively than they did before they switched to Lightspeed.

“Time we once allotted toward manually importing data is now put into developing marketing campaigns, curated content, window displays, and other endeavors that help drive sales online and in-store.”

Jake Cooper, Marketing and Events Coordinator, Selftraits

Selftraits has time to craft a more effective sales strategy with Lightspeed

What admin tasks are you ready to take off your plate?