Let the world's most powerful point of sale system work for you.

Niche is an innovative bakery and restaurant concept that prides itself on providing a range of delicious gluten free dishes to its customers. Situated in trendy Islington, they welcome a range of clients from theatre goers to visitors of Upper Street. Despite the diversity of clientele, each and every patron has the same high expectations of service in this eclectic corner of the capital.

A bustling cafe and bakery by day and a cosy restaurant by night, the principal need for owner Adrian Morgan was the ability to use one piece of software for both the takeaway and restaurant services; after all, not everyone in London has the time to stay for a cuppa. Lightspeed allows him to do this by incorporating platforms for both types of businesses into a single app, where the staff can simply toggle between each service. This means that time isn’t wasted on swapping equipment and software, leaving more time for the most important element of any business, the customer.

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system
work for you.

“I’m the owner, so I needed to be able to update my system easily and remotely” Adrian Morgan, Owner

Another important element for Adrian was accessibility. Niche is an original concept, making it all the more vital for him to be able to monitor its progress closely. With so many different elements making up one business, he needs to be able to track which aspects are performing well and where tweaks need to be made, from the price of flapjack to opening hours on a Sunday. With Lightspeed’s cloud-based system, he can do all this from the comfort of his own home after a hard day’s work.

“It’s very handy to have all floor members of staff able to take orders at once, if need be, when it’s busy. Using the iPhone as well as the iPad really speeds things up.” Helena Benge, Manager

During Niche’s peak hours Helena needs the staff to move fast.The fact that waiters can take orders on their iPad or iPhones and transfer everything wirelessly to the bar or kitchen in seconds, helps Niche increase turnover and better manage the time of their staff. Helena uses the flexibility of the EPOS layout to her advantage, adding drinks as an upsell and setting up food buttons by popularity.

Lightspeed customer Niche

The team now use their iPads for everything, from table organisation through to bookings, and even the music system. They have embraced technology and are using it to enhance the customer experience, from the first step inside Niche to the moment you punch the pin into the wireless card reader.

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