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Myself Lingerie uses Lightspeed to win customer's hearts

Rachel Rosenthal and her husband opened Myself Lingerie in New York with the aim of creating a relaxed atmosphere where women could be be professionally fitted with high quality lingerie. Their second location in New Jersey caters to the customers who would travel over an hour to visit them.

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The Challenge

Three years into their operations, the Myself team was struggling with a point of sale that was difficult to use and time intensive, with inconsistent inventory counting—it even crashed during their busiest sale.

“Starting out, we were sold a point of sale that seemed great for our budget,” says owner Rachel. But things quckly went downhill. “Within a few years there were so many frustrations, I didn’t want to carry them into a second store. Inventory and reordering were massive headaches, but we struggled with the hit we’d take on the contract penalty.""

The Solution

Myself Lingerie needed to find a platform that would support the next stages of their growth with ease of adding locations and managing inventory, as well as integrate and work seamlessly with their ecommerce expansion plans.

For six months the husband and wife team researched their options for point of sale. “It was like night and day when I found Lightspeed. I realized how much time I was spending on manual work, on reconciliation—don’t even get me started on variants!” said Rachel. “When we started talking about adding ecommerce and firming up plans for the second location, we finally made the call. It was so easy to add the second store in Lightspeed, it was a no brainer. I haven’t looked back or regretted it once.”

The Results

“Processes that used to take days are now done in minutes. Our staff love how simple it is to use, and the Lightspeed team is amazing, super responsive and helpful,” says Rachel.

With time freed up from day to day tasks, Myself Lingerie can focus on their loyalty and marketing. “Beyond saving us time and money, I would say the greatest value is in the tools and add-ons Lightspeed offers. The integrated ecommerce is really helpful, and we love how Advanced Marketing works.""

Advanced Marketing runs their loyalty program, an automated win-back program and can also send email marketing campaigns for sales, promotions and product launches. Since launching, Myself Lingerie has seen a staggering ROI of 70x on Advanced Marketing costs.

“I wish we had started with Lightspeed, it would’ve saved us thousands. More than two years in, I’m still loving Lightspeed—I feel spoiled with how often new features are released, constantly helping us improve how we run our business.”

Rachel Rosenthal, Co-owner, Myself Lingerie

Myself Lingerie has time to focus on customer loyalty thanks to Lightspeed

You could free your team up to go to the next level as well.