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MR-63 beats the clock with Lightspeed

Project MR-63 put Montreal’s old metro cars back in service, just not in the way they were originally intended. This project converted two cars—taken out of operation by the city—into a cafe, a bar and an art boutique. Operating under their model name, this cultural installation pops up every summer.

Business type

Bar, Cafe

Products used

Lightspeed Restaurant


Montreal, QC


MR-63 co-founders and brothers Frédéric and Étienne Morin-Bordeleau needed a POS they could set up quickly in their seasonal business—they have a period of two weeks for installation. With such a quick turnaround, they couldn’t commit time to learning a complex system and leading an extensive training program with their staff. “Since we're a public business that is only there for two months, it had to be really quick and easy to understand,” says Frédéric.


With no time to spare, MR-63 chose Lightspeed to get their business running quickly. Free onboarding and 24/7 support were integral in navigating their new system. Frédéric also cut down training time with Lightspeed’s touch and hold function. “When you press for a long time on the [item] button, it opens a second page and they are able to get more information on the product. So that's very convenient, because we don't have time to teach them every detail about the product.”

“We called [Lightspeed] a week after we had everything on site and it was ready for action on night one.”

Frédéric Morin-Bordeleau, Co-founder

MR-63 cuts down on training time with Lightspeed

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