La Nouvelle Seine


If you’ve ever asked to split a bill at a restaurant in Paris, you might have been confronted with a bit of a challenge – splitting bills isn’t typically done at eateries in the city of lights. Fortunately for diners at La Nouvelle Seine, a magnificent restaurant and theatre located on a barge on the river Seine, actions like splitting bills are a cinch with Lightspeed Restaurant.

The waitstaff at La Nouvelle Seine say learning Lightspeed is easy – it only takes about a day for a waiter to learn it inside and out and become completely comfortable with it. Taking orders with an iPad also makes life simple as the orders are sent directly to the kitchen and bar so the waiter can spend more time at the table with customers.

La Nouvelle Seine

Watch now to see why Paris loves Lightspeed!

Saving time is especially important for this classic French restaurant with a total capacity of 60, because beneath the dining room there’s a theatre. Shows at the theatre include one-man acts, burlesque cabarets as well as theatre acts for children. According to the owner, the restaurant becomes extremely busy before and after these spectacles, so an efficient system like Lightspeed is essential.

In terms of tech support, the owners of La Nouvelle Seine love that it’s easy to call the support team and get the help they need quickly. For them, the benefits of a progressive point of sale outweigh the cost.
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