La Mere Restaurant

Valetta, Malta

Lightspeed helps transforms the
restaurant management landscape.

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La Mere is the two-time winner of the The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Restaurant Award during what is known as the “Oscars” of the restaurant industry in Malta each year. Each night, La Mere chef and owner Clinton Cachia and his wife, Antonella, have their guests dive into a culinary journey of traditional Indian, Arabic, Mediterranean and Maltese cuisines. As they celebrate their 7th year in business, we spoke to the Cachia’s to learn more about how Lightspeed contributes to their labour of love.
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“For us, Lightspeed Restaurant POS is like having an extra person on the dining room floor.”

Flipping slow days into promo days

Because Lightspeed Restaurant is cloud-hosted, Antonella now has access to live sales data from anywhere. She can be half way across the city and still know exactly what the sales are for the day. “On slow days, it’s easy to take action and instantly publish a promo deal on social platforms to attract more clients,” explains Antonella.

Solutions for a short-staffed dining room

Pre-Lightspeed, La Mere’s restaurant service was often chaotic on days when the dining room was short-staffed.

Lightspeed has helped waiting staff expedite orders from the dining room to the kitchen, which is located on a separate floor. Lightspeed enables waiters to send off an order of starters with the touch of a button from their iPads, while they continue to talk to their customers and take orders for the main course.
With reports comes wise business decisions

As the business manager, Antonella depends on the extensive reporting features of Lightspeed Restaurant to even out their cash flow. “Being able to see our sales thanks to daily and weekly reports hugely changes the way we make business decisions.” By tracking sales, employee performance, and food inventory, Lightspeed’s POS enlightens the art of restaurant management.

Quick and easy to install and learn

Antonella and Clinton wanted to switch from their traditional point-of-sale system to a cloud based version that could be run from any iPad or iPhone. Plus, a tablet was a perfect solution for their limited workspace. That’s when Lightspeed Restaurant POS became a viable option. Not only were they able to give Lightspeed a free test run and discovered its flexible features, it was simple to migrate information from their previous system.

Software updates are done automatically and tech support comes with the package. “Customer support agents have been surprisingly efficient, and this gives us peace of mind.”

How can your business benefit from Lightspeed POS?