Haveli Home

Toronto, ON
Located in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Liberty Village, Haveli Home & Decorative Arts are known for distinctive furniture and home accessories from the Indian sub continent.

Lured by Lightspeed’s Mac-based POS solution, owner David Anderson felt that it was far better than any other system he had seen.

Another major factor in choosing Lightspeed was it’s ability to include full-color images of products in his quotations.

"It’s like handing my customers a custom-made brochure with the items they are interested in. Complete with pricing and size information for them to take home and consider,“ said Anderson.
Drawing customers into their new store with an integrated website will be their next step and they look forward to implementing Lightspeed’s Web Store solution to make this happen.
Lightspeed Retail customers Haveli Home merchandise

“We love being able to give our customers a quotation that has detailed notes and photos of every item.”

Images on quotations and invoices, ease of use are just a few key reasons Haveli Homes decided to choose Lightspeed OnSite as their point of sale solution.

When asked about what features of Lightspeed are used the most in the store, Anderson states, “We love being able to give our customers a quote that has detailed notes and photos of every item. It’s like giving them a full-color catalog customized just for them that they can take home and consider.”

“The ability to track quotes that we’ve given customers saves us tons of time and ensures that we are able to deliver exactly what was promised.,“ explained Anderson.

In recommending Lightspeed products to other small business, Anderson mentioned “We find Lightspeed to be simple, efficient and, most of all, reliable."

Lightspeed Retail customers Haveli Home ringing through customer

"I’m not a computer person, but I can use a Mac. Finding a system to run my business on my Mac was a huge relief.”

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