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Grain & Vine freed up time with Lightspeed to expand online

Grain & Vine owner Michael Nagdimunov was tired of the headache and hassle of buying alcohol, so he set out to do something different. With an eye on hospitality, affordability and a unique customer experience, Grain & Vine's business, in person and online, is thriving.

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Lightspeed Retail


New York, USA

The Challenge

Michael needed a point of sale and retail system that allowed him to manage complicated inventory across many categories, as well as re-ordering, cost tracking and reporting.

While brick and mortar retail is the heart of Grain & Vine, Michael also wanted to tap into what ecommerce could offer the business—but he didn’t want to operate an entirely separate system that would require holding dedicated inventory and doubling-up on data entry.

And, crucially, he needed a system that his accountant was going to be happy with and would be able to access from anywhere.

The Solution

Michael wanted a system that could give him everything, so Grain & Vine decided to use Lightspeed’s seamless integrations to save time, make more money and create beautiful customer experiences.

By choosing Lightspeed POS as the central app for the system, Michael could be sure that he’d get the most from his inventory and the best returns from his brick and mortar store—the biggest part of the business.

Lightspeed's ecommerce integrations also allow Grain & Vine to sell everywhere from one inventory with all products available in-store and online, no extra dedicated inventory needed.

The Results

Switching to Lightspeed has helped Grain & Vine maximize ROI with sophisticated inventory management and cost reporting. Now, Michael and his accountant can access the business from anywhere thanks to Lightspeed's cloud-based POS.

By getting set up with ecommerce, Michael has been able to grow his business. More efficient processes is helping Grain & Vine make more return from the same inventory.

With Lightspeed powering the business, Michael is thinking about expanding. And since opening a new outlet is as easy as a click of a button, when the time comes, Grain & Vine can get it done fast.

“We don’t double sell with ecommerce, as when an action happens in one system it’s automatically recorded in the other. And we save time because we only enter the product information once, and it's available across both systems. Everyone is happy.”

Michael Nagdimunov, owner, Grain & Vine

Grain & Vine is finding time to expand the business with Lightspeed

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