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Fleurty Girl is scaling up their retail success with Lightspeed

Fleurty Girl was born 10 years ago out of owner Lauren Haydel’s love for the city she calls home, New Orleans. After opening shop in her own house, Lauren’s original line of t-shirts took off and propelled Fleurty Girl to success. Today, Fleurty Girl has multiple locations and is looking to expand into new states.

Fleurty Girl

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New Orleans, USA


Making the leap from in-home business to a full-fledged retail operation would be impossible without the right tools. Without a cloud-based POS, managing one location’s inventory would be time-consuming enough--if Fleurty Girl was ever going to grow into multiple locations, Lauren needed a system that could streamline her business and free her up to keep focusing on expanding.


Lightspeed enabled Fleurty Girl to make the leap and embrace Lauren Haydel’s retail dreams of expansion. “Lightspeed allowed me to move at the speed of light,” she shares. “We grew fast and it allowed me to do so by properly getting the multi-store inventory set up. We have our eCom shop under the same platform, so the girls in the store could see if the website had any stock available as well. It just allowed us to flourish.” Recently, Fleurty Girl expanded into airport retail, aided by Lightspeed’s easily scalable POS.

Expanding into airport retail holds special significance for Fleurty Girl. When the New Orleans airport planning committee set out to showcase the best local retailers in their shops, they approached Fleurty Girl for a pitch. From a t-shirt line being sold out of owner Lauren’s home, to being featured as one of New Orleans’ best local brands to international visitors, Fleurty Girl has proven that with hard work and the right tools, retail success is within reach, no matter how small you start.

"I feel like Lightspeed allowed me to move at the speed of light. It saves us a lot of time because everything's just so streamlined."

Fleurty Girl is scaling faster than ever with Lightspeed

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