BRGR BRGR is looking to the future and dishing out high quality burgers using Lightspeed Delivery

Built on the foundation of using quality, locally farmed and fresh ingredients, BRGR BRGR is not your average burger place. With General Manager Dustin Haffner at the helm, this burger place strives to be more—a place where you can get a good, healthy and local craft burger. Or in his words, “A burger you’d be proud to eat”.

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Meeting adversity with the right ingredients

When they first opened, BRGR BRGR started with only takeout. “We wanted to get our systems in place and make sure that we were strong enough operationally. Coincidentally, delivery started a week or two before COVID-19 hit,” says Haffner. BRGR BRGR had only been open for five weeks when they had to close their diner. Haffner acknowledges their lean menu was a major factor in setting them up for success. “A lot of restaurants really minimized their menu and one of the things about our concept is that it’s a simple menu, allowing us to really focus and build out each product. While we didn’t have to change the menu, we did have to change the way we operated,” says Haffner. From changing their strategy on social media to rejigging their kitchen processes to make sure it would work properly with only two people working the entire time, Haffner changed his plan and started planning for the future.

Using Lightspeed Delivery to ignite their business

In their first weeks of operation, BRGR BRGR’s sales were 25% takeout and 75% dine-in, and once they closed table service, their sales came exclusively from takeout and delivery like many other restaurants. The numbers, however, started changing again once they reopened their dining room. “Now in July our sales are split neck and neck with each other, with 48% takeout and delivery and 52% dine-in,” says Haffner. Having access to a great network of integrations through Lightspeed made things easier for Haffner, as they adapted their business to new changes. “That was when Lightspeed came in handy like I knew it would. The integration with Deliverect saved us,” he adds.

Rebuilding trust in the new age of dining

For Haffner, shifting BRGR BRGR’s business strategy meant focusing on takeout and delivery. With their simple, delivery-friendly menu and modern restaurant technology, BRGR BRGR was well equipped to handle the shift. Now, according to Haffner, it’s all about “getting that trust right away from people. If you were to open your dining room again, and you’re not serious enough your guests will see that. As a restaurant, we went above and beyond, and I guess it’s building that trust and respect that keeps guests coming back.”

"Having Lightspeed and all of these integrations has been a lifesaver. It’s made it that much easier to be able to control everything and manage the restaurant. That’s one of the reasons I went with Lightspeed."

Dustin Haffner, General Manager, BRGR BRGR

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