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Atelier Lou is more than a jewelry store—it’s a family tradition. Owner Eric Goldberg took over from his father, selling high-quality pieces to Montrealers, in 2017. With a focus on precious metals, expert repairs and personal connection, Atelier Lou knows how much jewelry means to people.

Atelier Lou

Business type

Jewellery Store

Products used

Lightspeed Retail


Montreal, Canada


Atelier Lou has been around long enough to see how retail has changed with the advent of the internet. Organizing the store and managing repairs on top of trying to grow their presence online was overwhelming without a streamlined POS. Manager Kathleen recalls how difficult managing the store was before Lightspeed: “we quickly outgrew the custom platform. Its capabilities kept changing, but the underlying code became less efficient, so we couldn’t get a good handle on where we were.”


Using Lightspeed hasn’t just streamlined Atelier Lou’s inventory management. Taking appointments is easier as well, and Atelier Lou’s team is free to concentrate on new ways to bring customers in the door. “Every time we have a sale, Lightspeed sends a text message asking them to leave us a review. It’s a very seamless software. 95% of clients that come in tell us that they found us on Google through the review.”

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"Lightspeed sends a text message asking them to leave us a review. 95% of clients that come in tell us that they found us through the review."

Atelier Lou is growing their customer base with Lightspeed

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