Get up to $1000 when you switch to Lightspeed Payments*

Fill out the form below to submit your contract buy-out claim. *Terms and conditions apply.

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When do I submit this form?

Please submit this claim after reaching processing minimums to reduce delay in fee credit being applied. Full details listed in the terms and conditions below.

How do I submit my claim?

  1. Reach processing minimums $25,000.00 in card volume or more.

  2. Confirm your eligibility in accordance with the Promotional Terms and Conditions.

  3. Submit documentation to Lightspeed of any applicable cancellation fees charged to you by a third party payments solution provider.

  4. If (i) through (iii) have been deemed satisfactory, Lightspeed will apply an adjustment directly to your settlement account in the exact amount charged to you by the third party payments solution provider (up to $1000.00).

Promotion Terms and Conditions

This promotion is available for new or existing Lightspeed customers based in the United States and Canada who have executed an order form with Lightspeed Commerce Inc. (“Lightspeed”) for Lightspeed Payments (each, an "Eligible Customer"). Lightspeed may reimburse Eligible Customers for the buyout of their existing payments processing solution contract in the exact amount as charged by such third party payments solution provider, as applicable, up to an amount of one thousand dollars($1000.00) inclusive of any fees or taxes, provided that such Eligible Customer: (i) executes an Order Form with Lightspeed for Lightspeed Payments; (ii) submits a merchant application and is approved by Lightspeed (iii) processes transactions on Lightspeed Payments representing $25,000.00 in card volume or more (the “Processing Minimum”); and (iv) provides Lightspeed with documentation, in a manner acceptable to Lightspeed, evidencing the applicable cancellation fees charged to Eligible Customer by such third party payments solution provider (the “Documentation”). Lightspeed reserves the right to request additional Documentation. The Eligible Customer must submit the Documentation within 6 months of reaching the Processing Minimum after which this Promotion shall no longer be available. This promotion may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Eligibility for the promotion shall be at Lightspeed’s sole discretion. Limited time offer. Lightspeed may terminate this promotion or modify its terms at any time.