Strengthen your business with stable revenue from subscriptions

Subscriptions is a hassle-free way to add revenue you can depend on–effortlessly sell products or services by subscription right from your Lightspeed eCom store.
Only available through Lightspeed Payments and Stripe

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Lightspeed eCom empowers you to easily set up monthly orders and automatically collect recurring payments from your customers. Enabling subscriptions helps you:

  • Increase customer retention and lifetime value with automated subscription programs
  • Lower customer acquisition costs by offering subscriptions
  • Leverage surprise subscription boxes to help get rid of slow-moving inventory
  • Improve the accuracy of your sales and inventory forecast by knowing what orders come in

Offer customers convenience with monthly boxes of their favorite products

Keep customers engaged and excited through surprise boxes with new products

Build loyalty through memberships and by giving customers exclusive access to deals and discounts

Simplify your operations to automate payment collection for the services you offer

Subscriptions powered by Lightspeed Payments.

Our in-house payment solution helps you create the smoothest shopping experience for your customers for both one-off and recurring.

  • Simple pricing (2.9% + 30¢)—no hidden fees Spend less time managing recurring payments with completely automated payment collection
  • Manage everything in Lightspeed eCom: payments, refunds, and reporting
  • Secure payment collection with end-to-end encryption and PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service compliance

Simplify the way customers manage subscriptions

Let customers easily control their subscriptions through an automatically created account once they place their purchase. Subscribers can use the account to update their credit card details, shipping address and manage their subscription.

Give customers a fully-branded experience.

Use templates for emails or customize them to match your brand. Customers who subscribe to your products automatically receive emails with order confirmation, if payment confirmation is required, a charge has failed, or if the subscription is canceled.