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Get a bird’s eye view of your onboarding steps as you transition from Lightspeed OnSite to Lightspeed Retail.

We’ve included average time estimates to help you plan but please be advised that these will vary from business to business.

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Meet the team

Here’s who you’ll be working with and how they’ll support you as you transition from OnSite to Retail.

Lightspeed Onboarding Coordinator: Part of your Customer Success team, they’ll be your main point of contact and guide you all the way to your go-live date. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Lightspeed Product Specialists: Through webinars and a tailored one-on-one session, they’ll show you how to set up and use your new POS and provide you with resources to complete your setup. Part of our Customer Success team, they’ll work closely with your Onboarding Coordinator.

Data transfer team: Our partner Doosync will move most of your data and explain how that process works. Expect an email from them to kick things off! If you’re not using Doosync, the Lightspeed Imports team will be in touch with next steps.

Lightspeed Support team: If you need technical assistance, including help setting up your hardware, our Support team is available 24-7 and happy to help.

1. Review transition guide (15 mins)

This collection of articles in our Help Centre outlines the migration process, key differences between OnSite and Retail, FAQs, and more.

Pro tip: Short on time? Read the title of each article so you’ll know where to find the information you need when you’re ready.

2. Attend transition webinar (1 hour)

In the OnSite to Retail Webinar, a Product Specialist will showcase how to archive your outdated products, how the migration to Lightspeed Retail works, how to do custom workflows, and more.

Pro tip: Come prepared with questions for the Q&A at the end.

Can't attend the webinar? Ask your Onboarding Coordinator for a recording.

3. Archive outdated products (1 hour)

Mark any outdated products in OnSite as non-current to start your Lightspeed Retail journey with a clean environment. When these products are migrated, they’ll be neatly tucked away under Archived inventory in Lightspeed Retail.

Click the link below and scroll down to Before you begin to learn more.

4. Connect with Doosync (1 hour)

The team at DOOSYNC™ will send you an email detailing the following action items:

1. Read and sign their user guide (10 mins)

2. Export and share your OnSite data (15 mins)

3. Create guest logins in Lightspeed Retail (5 mins)

4. Fill out their onboarding form (2 mins)

4. Attend kickoff call (30 mins)

Pro tip: Please check your email regularly and be available by phone. You'll be contacted periodically with updates or migration blockers that require your attention.

5. Explore Retail test account

Use this account to explore features and test out workflows in Lightspeed Retail using pre-populated sample data. The account resets every 24 hours and it’s available for both you and your staff.

Ask your Account Manager or Onboarding Coordinator for the username and password and log in below.

6. Attend Retail webinars (1 hour each)

We'll be in touch to find a date and time that's convenient for you. You won’t need your hardware for either session.

Webinar 1: How to configure your settings and add your inventory. This webinar is intended for the account manager, who is typically the business owner or manager.

Webinar 2: How to login and perform daily workflows. Invite your staff to save time training!

Pro tip: Review the Getting Started articles in the Retail Help Center beforehand as an introduction.

7. Attend Retail one-on-one (1 hour)

We'll be in touch to find a date and time that's convenient for you.

Come prepared with questions to make the most of it.

8. Configure settings (1 hour)

Follow the step-by-step instructions and videos in Getting Started to set up your essential account settings in Lightspeed Retail such as shop details, taxes and labor, employee roles and permissions, and discounts.

Need assistance? Contact our Support team anytime.

9. Connect hardware (30 mins)

Set up your barcode reader, receipt printer, cash drawer and label printer on your computer or iPad.

If you need assistance, please contact our Support team. They're happy to help!

10. Set up Lightspeed Payments (10 mins)

Have Lightspeed Payments? Click the link below to visit our Help Center and find the setup steps for your device.

You’ll also find articles on how to configure your optional settings, make a sale, handle chargebacks, run reports, and understand how you get paid.

If you need assistance, please contact our Support team. They're happy to help!

11. Go-Live Checklist (30 mins)

You’re almost there! Complete and submit the checklist to notify your Onboarding Coordinator that you’re ready for one last check-in with a Product Specialist.

12. Final check-in and launch (30 mins)

Ready to go live with Lightspeed Retail? Have one final check-in with a Product Specialist and review your Lightspeed Retail account after the last of your OnSite data is transferred to make sure everything checks out.


How can I get technical assistance?
Technical support is available 24/7. Click here for all the ways to get in touch with our Support team.

I have questions about my onboarding steps. Who can I speak to?
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about your move from OnSite to Retail, we're here to support you. Please contact our Customer Success team at 1-844-365-2868 (Toll-Free).

How do I sign into Lightspeed Retail?

Click here for detailed instructions.

Where can I get more information about switching from OnSite to Retail?

Click here for help articles that outline the process and the differences between the two systems.

Once I get started with Doosync, when will I need to switch to Lightspeed Retail?

We prefer the term transition rather than a switch; you’re in full control of when you officially switch to using Lightspeed Retail full-time.

In more detail, Doosync will migrate most of your data while you continue to sell on OnSite, business as usual. During this time, you’ll learn how to use Lightspeed Retail, set up the basics, and agree on a final go-live date. The day before the final go-live date is when Doosync will update your quantity on hand (QOH) as well as customer and vendor data so your new system is ready for you to start using full-time the next day.

If you have any questions or concerns about this that may prevent you from moving forward with starting or completing the data migration, please get in touch with your Onboarding Coordinator.

I have questions about my contract or license expiry date. Who should I speak to?

Please speak with your Account Manager.

I plan to use an iPad but it hasn’t arrived yet. Can I get started without it?

Absolutely! It’s easier to configure your settings on a desktop computer so that’s what we recommend. Once your iPad arrives, simply visit the app store to download the Lightspeed Retail POS app and log in with the same credentials as your desktop—the power of cloud-based technology!

How can I ensure my data transfer goes smoothly?

We’ve got 5 tips for you:

1. Check out the transition guide to get a refresher on what data will be migrated and the differences in POS features and workflows.

2. Be available and responsive to keep things moving.

3. Voice your concerns or questions to your Onboarding Coordinator if anything comes up.

4. Mark your old products as Non-Current in OnSite so you’re working with clean data in Lightspeed Retail.

5. Get started ASAP and use your calendar to schedule key milestones.

I have Lightspeed eCom. How does that migration work?

We have a team available to migrate most of your information from your OnSite connected eCom to your new Retail connected eCom. Click here for more information.