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Built-in search engine optimization

Built-in search engine optimization

SEO features

Our eCommerce platform comes with built-in SEO tools to help your online store rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Drive business to your online store by adding metadata to your products, optimizing page headings, product tags, product descriptions, links and meta descriptions for search engines.

Search engine optimized website templates

All our website templates are easy to use and optimized for SEO. You don’t need to have extensive technical knowledge to build an online store that ranks in search engines.

Fast page loading times

The time it takes your page to load is crucial for keeping customers engaged and improving search engine ranking. Our eCommerce platform offers average page response times of 60 milliseconds so you can avoid slow loading times that could cause customers to leave your site.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Sell your products on social media

Reach more customers by selling your goods on social media. Our eCommerce platform directly integrates with Facebook and can easily be connected to Pinterest so you can start promoting, and even selling, your products across the most popular social networks.

Built-in mobile commerce

Built-in mobile commerce

Mobile-responsive online store

Many consumers now shop from mobile devices. With Lightspeed eCommerce, you can create a fully mobile-responsive website so customers can enjoy shopping with your brand from any connected device, whether a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Offer enjoyable shopping experiences across all screen sizes and stay competitive.

Anywhere, anytime sales

Having an online store fully adapted for any mobile device lets you meet modern customers’ buying needs. Customers can research and compare products on your website and then come to your store well-informed and ready to buy the product. It also allows you sell to your customers around the clock, as customers can visit your online store when they’re on the go at any time of day or night.

Email marketing

Email marketing

eCommerce email list building

Our eCommerce platform can store the addresses of newsletter subscribers and shoppers who complete a purchase on your online store. This invaluable data lets you keep in touch with those who love your brand and strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Email marketing integrations

Lightspeed eCom integrates with leading email marketing software such as MailChimp and Mailjet. Your online store will automatically push over your email contacts to these applications so you can send out email communications such as newsletters, promotions and announcements to your website visitors and customers.

eCommerce email templates

We give you ready-to-use email templates for all types of email communication, as well as the framework and tools you need to build them. All you need to do is draft the content and we enable you to create and send order confirmations, invoices, returns and newsletters without the hassle.

Unique content creation

Unique content creation

Integrated eCommerce blog

Our eCommerce solution comes with built-in blogging software with SEO capabilities. Publish articles on your website to keep it fresh, keep your customers engaged with your brand and drive traffic to your website. Creating and publishing new and SEO optimized blog content on a regular basis helps you constantly attract new visitors, improve search engine ranking and generate more leads.

Customer feedback feature

Many customers now refer to feedback from other customers before buying goods. Allow customers to post product reviews in your online store. Honest feedback will not only help you sell more, it will also help you better understand your customers so you can build a reputation as a brand that people can trust.

Brand and product promotion

Brand and product promotion

Upsell and cross-sell features

Our eCommerce platform gives you the tools you need to boost your online sales. Display related products to give more buying options and encourage customers to add more items to their basket. For an added bonus (especially around the holidays), give the option to gift wrap purchases on check-out.

Promotions and discounts

We make it easy to run promotions and create custom pricing for single items, groups of items and even set special prices for a customer group! Special prices can help you attract customers to your store.

A/B testing

We give you the option to experiment with three variants of your checkout page. The data you gather from these tests helps you better understand your demographic and their preferences, and which page layout is the most effective for conversions.

International reach

International reach

Localized delivery options

Our platform is adapted for international selling. Configure the shipping methods and delivery zones of your choice and the shipping costs for international orders will be automatically calculated by your website. It also has the ability to integrate with the biggest carriers around the world, making global selling as easy as possible.

Multilingual eCommerce

Speak the language of your customers and reach an international customer base. With 14 popular languages to choose from, you can sell to customers from as many countries as you like.

Global SEO

Lightspeed eCommerce is optimized for both domestic and international search engines. This means that your online store can be found in search engines by customers across the world.

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