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BigCommerce is a referral and integration partner with Lightspeed.

BigCommerce is a referral and integration partner with Lightspeed, providing merchants with best-in-class ecommerce solutions. Read their story.


BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce platform that helps retailers build, innovate and grow their online presence. Since its start in 2009, the company has become a major player in digital commerce, offering a wide range of tools and solutions tailored for today's online retailers.

“BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform designed to scale with its clients,” says Strategic Partnership Manager Jason Burge, “we can go from the SMB up to the enterprise, and we specialize in certain areas like B2B and multi-storefront.”

The Challenge

In 2019, BigCommerce was looking to expand their market presence and portfolio with the help of a partner. BigCommerce wanted to work with “the strongest possible players in the field,” according to Burge.

But that wasn’t all they were looking for; to be the ideal fit, they’d need to help them grow internationally and offer their multi-storefront customers a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

The Solution

When the opportunity arose to partner with Lightspeed, we were already operating in 150 countries, and it had all the omnichannel capabilities they were looking for to expand their POS offerings, and meet the needs of their clientele. “It was easy to integrate with and it was international,” says Burge. According to him, Lightspeed had the best features of an affordable POS at the time. The new partnership would also be a two-way referral partnership, allowing them to earn more by sending qualified leads to Lightspeed, and getting qualified leads back.

To-date, there are more than 700 Lightspeed and BigCommerce vendor sites, making it one of BigCommerce’s most prolific partnerships. When discussing our joint success, Jason highlights that “...the combination of our service, our SaaS tech acumen and simply meeting the customer's needs puts us in an excellent [position.]”

“It was really everything that we needed in a partner to go to market with.”

Jason Burge, Strategic Partnership Manager, BigCommerce

The Integration

The Lightspeed and BigCommerce integration allows merchants of any size or complexity to sync their orders and inventory between their physical and online stores—no matter how many stores or channels they may have.

According to Jason, trying to operate two different pieces of software that don’t communicate is inefficient and unfavorable. It’s time consuming, prone to mistakes and can lead to merchants accidentally selling products they don’t have.

The integration between Lightspeed and BigCommerce enables merchants to sync data between stores seamlessly, eliminating inconsistencies, reducing manual work and keeping customers satisfied.

“There's absolutely no reason to not have an integrated point-of-sale system if you're working online. ”

Jason Burge

The Future

When asked, Jason “absolutely” recommends partnering with Lightspeed, “especially with our history together.”

In the future of the partnership, Jason looks forward to new releases and features in our respective tech stacks. New product enhancements may produce more opportunities for BigCommerce to expand their integration, serve more merchants and send and receive more leads. “...We know that with your solution and ours together, we can help [merchants] grow and they're not going to hit their head on any technology ceilings anytime in the conceivable future.”

“We know and trust the Lightspeed team and the Lightspeed product.”

Jason Burge

Is this program right for me?

The Lightspeed POS Partner Program enables software companies, PMS partners, consulting firms, digital agencies, manufacturing businesses, food providers, restaurant distributors and more to accelerate revenue and reach new audiences.