Order from top brands, save time on inventory and more

Shop, order and import product info directly from brands with the new B2B Catalog and NuORDER integration for Lightspeed Retail—plus 30 more features and updates to streamline your business.


Watch now: how to leverage our top updates.

Lightspeed experts walk you through the benefits of our new updates and features so you can make the most of them.


Access thousands of brands and suppliers straight from Lightspeed Retail.

With almost two million products on Lightspeed B2B Catalog, replenish your stock without leaving Lightspeed Retail.

  • Search and import products fast—enjoy 70% of your time back
  • Discover products across 18 different retail market categories
  • Order from nearly two million products submitted by over 1000 brands

Easily stock the brands your customers love to shop with NuORDER by Lightspeed.

Save time adding products and spend more time curating your product assortments. Increase sell through, find high-quality inventory and save time ordering and receiving inventory by integrating with NuORDER.

  • Discover thousands of brands and connect with a click
  • Seamlessly import POS into Lightspeed Retail to automatically create new products
  • Streamline inventory management by importing high-quality photos and product details from suppliers

Share instant eCom order status updates with Apple Wallet.

With the Apple Wallet integration, you can automatically provide detailed receipts and real-time order status notifications—while your shoppers have easy access to customer service and order management.

Maximize your margins with new bulk price updates in Lightspeed Retail.

Easily edit and update the price for multiple products at once, saving valuable admin time.


Create an item at point of sale.

Quickly add special order items while you're on the sell screen, saving time and ensuring your inventory is always accurate.

Safeguard your settings in Lightspeed Retail with more options for user permissions.

Embrace the power of granular control while safeguarding your profitability.

  • Use credit accounts? Save time configuring credit limits with the new On Account Limit settings page
  • Guard against overdiscounting with expanded user permissions for who, what and how much can be discounted
  • Protect private financial information with new user permission settings for Payments reporting

New ways to streamline inventory with Scanner.

B2B Catalog on Scanner

Search and import products from B2B Catalog using Scanner to cut down on manual entry tasks.

Add SKU codes

Minimize double handling by editing and adding SKUs in Scanner while handling inventory—no need to head back to the POS.

Transfer stock

Easily view inventory and sales history, and request and track transfers between locations straight from the shop floor.

Edit a product

Save time when recieving new shipments by editing product details directly in Scanner.


New self serve tools for Lightspeed Capital.

Grow your store. Maintain your cashflow. Finance new projects. With a new quick and painless application process, Lightspeed Capital takes away the roadblocks many retailers face on their search for funding.

  • Get pre-screened for Capital eligibility and a cash advance offer that's tailored to your business
  • Easily view and accept active Capital offers from one intuitive dashboard
  • Review all your offers for all your locations in a single view for a holistic picture of your business funding

Your products and your services now in one place with Service Orders for Lightspeed Retail.

Easily sell and schedule services, like repairs and alterations, to expand your offering without doubling admin work—no more switching between platforms to keep your team or customers informed.

  • Manage teams efficiently and cut down on data double handling with service order details tracked in Lightspeed
  • Keep customers happy by making sure employees can check on the status of their service order at any time
  • Automate communication with customers for when the job is finished

Easily find the right product in your warehouse with Scanner.

No matter where it is, new product bin location fields in the Lightspeed web POS and Scanner app help employees find products right away. Record and track where your products are located in your warehouse so you spend less time searching and more time fulfilling orders.

Start selling online—or update your existing Instant Site—fast with new Lightspeed eCom tools.

Get a new domain in less time

Purchase, set up and manage a secure domain name with a free SSL certificate and WHOIS privacy protection in minutes directly in Lightspeed eCom.

Build your Instant Site your way

Get selling online fast with an Instant Site, then update your Instant Site with a custom pages to tell your story.

Instantly translate your Instant Site

Sell around the world with less work—Lightspeed eCom can now accurately translate your entire site into any language thanks to AI, saving you time and translation costs.

Point shoppers in the right direction

Configure custom redirects to your Lightspeed eCom Instant Site so customers can always find you and your SEO rankings remain intact.

Keep your customers coming back with new loyalty expiry configuration.

Gain more control over your built-in Lightspeed Retail loyalty program with our expiry date configuration. Reach out to customers with expiry windows that make sense for your business. Decrease your liability with automatic wipeouts and easily accessible customer last sale data.

  • Customize expiry date setting and automatic wipeouts of loyalty value after the expiry date
  • Access loyalty data in the customer profile
  • Easily pull reports for customer outreach and expiration notifications

Ensure accurate pay for accurate hours with the time clock.

Eliminate paper schedules and spreadsheet hassles. Use the time clock feature in Lightspeed Retail to simplify payroll and track attendance accurately with a trusted system of record.

Bienvenue! welkom! Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) expands with support for both the French and Dutch languages.

Manage your usernames and passwords across key platforms in one place. Single sign on Lightseed Retail now connects seamlessly with the other tools you are using.


Customize Advanced Reporting to your business.

Save reports, filter, adjust and adapt any inventory, sales, tax or payment report and save it for easy accees. Create reports on the areas most important to your business and access them in a click.

Drill down into your business with new in-depth Advanced Reporting features.

Dusty Inventory report

Identify which products you need to remerchandise, clear or discontinue by finding inventory that isn't moving.

Recently Out of Stock with Sales report

Quickly identify top selling products that need to be reordered so you can optimize your ordering strategy on the best performing products.

Sell Through report

Plan with precision, identifying your highest performing products and reduccing inventory risk.

Sales by Hour of the Day report

Pinpoint your busy periods to be more precise with labor costs, schedules and opening hours.

Individual Performance report

Motivate your team and help set KPIs by tracking where you need to focus training and incentives.

Automated reporting

Schedule reports to automatically run on a set schedule and show up in the inboxes of key stakeholders with no extra work.

Collect payments anywhere and at any time with Payment Links.

Allow customers to flexibly pay for goods and services, off premise, in a safe and secure way through a web URL that can be shared via any form of communication.

  • Eliminate manual key-in transactions over the phone or cheques by mail
  • Process any off-premise transactions for events, invoicing, credit accounts and more
  • Keep your off-premise payments secure with a trusted link

Know what inventory is coming in Lightspeed Retail.

New inbound inventory updates let you quickly reference purchase orders without switching tabs, and let you see all inbound inventory in one place in replenishment reporting. Knowing what's coming in-store has never been easier.

Get into the details with sub-category Advanced Reporting.

Make more informed purchasing and inventory decisions, drill down into your best performing product categories and sub categories to understand what to buy next.