Join our Supplier Network today to access thousands of vape retailers

Grow your business and tap into an exclusive network of Lightspeed retailers to reach more clients and sell more products

Join our Supplier Network today to access thousands of vape retailers
Increase your brand visibility.

Increase your brand visibility.

Put your brand where retailers are actively buying. With a built-in catalogue, suppliers can access an exclusive network that showcases your product and increases your brand visibility. Lightspeed processes billions of dollars of wholesale—it's time to start selling.

  • Connect with thousands of Lightspeed vape retailers actively looking to buy
  • Make it easier for retailers to find and order from you with organized catalogs
  • Increase your brand presence by ensuring you're visible to the most buyers
  • Gain new clients through this popular built-in Lightspeed feature

Trusted by vape retailers

Sell more products to more clients.

Increase the frequency of your orders and streamline the process with easy-to-use product feeds. With retailers placing orders placed in their POS, you'll save time and money with an automated system.

  • Streamline your small and medium business orders with one centralized system
  • Update catalogs with new products instantly
  • Increase your order frequency and consistency
  • Reduce errors and back-and-forth in accounting, shipping and invoicing
Sell more products to more clients.
Ensure your brand is represented accurately.

Ensure your brand is represented accurately.

Take total control of how your products are displayed—no matter where or how they're sold. With accurate product names, descriptions and images, your stock is consistent across the board.

  • Effortlessly update or edit product specifications anytime
  • Auto-populate your inventory with approved selling details
  • Increase client trust by sharing brand-approved assets
  • Keep your products looking and sounding their best for a sale

Save time with quick uploads.

Getting started is free and fast with our pre-built integrations. It's never been easier to increase brand visibility, sell more products and reach active buyers. Join the retail marketplace that's changing the way suppliers sell.

  • Continue using your existing system to manage every order
  • Access our pre-built Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, EDI, SFTP, and API integrations
  • Easily connect your custom system to our open API
  • Start selling wholesale to small to medium-sized businesses for free
Save time with quick uploads.

Access an ever-growing network of vape retailers

Tens of thousands of merchants use Lightspeed to process over $20 billion in transactions.