Speaker Series 1

for retailers


Summer Edition


From July 17 to August 25

Get unique insights on the retail world from experts.

Dax Dasilva,
CEO of Lightspeed

The CEO and founder of Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva began coding at the age of 13 and was inspired by the sleek and user-friendly design philosophy of Apple. Having designed Lightspeed with the goal of developing a cloud-based POS that merges functionality with beautiful design, who better than Dax to discuss the role that technology plays in the ever-evolving retail industry.

JP Chauvet,
President of Lightspeed

With over 20 years’ experience as a marketing and sales executive in the technology sector, JP has been a key element in the continued growth of Lightspeed. With his experience in leading product strategy and growing independent businesses, JP offers insight into increasing revenue, measuring your KPIs and doing the best with your team.

Chelsea Finnemore,
VP of HR of Lightspeed

Chelsea Finnemore has led Lightspeed’s HR department since early 2009. Having previously worked in retail, she has helped Lightspeed grow from 18 to almost 600 employees across North America and Europe and continues to evolve the company in all matters HR. Chelsea will be speaking about keeping your employees happy, engaged and giving you the best they have to offer.

Carol Wood,
People Operations Director of Homebase

Carol Wood is the People Operations Director at Homebase, which offers free online tools and mobile apps for managers and employees. Carol focuses on providing thought leadership and scalable HR solutions for the 60,000 businesses that Homebase serves. Prior to Homebase, Carol helped SMBs navigate the tricky waters of human resources. Her experience will be the main focus of her Speaker Series discussion.

Laith Murad,
Chief Marketing Officer of Lightspeed

Laith Murad joined the Lightspeed team from PIRCH, a luxury retailer with 10 locations in the US, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer. During his time at PIRCH, Murad’s work on the brand won several awards, including Retailer of the Year. Laith will be speaking about the the new retail experience brought on by advances in eCommerce and consumers’ shopping habits.

Simon Tooley,
Owner of Etiket

After 25 years in the fashion business and over 5 years managing a clinic dedicated to forefront aesthetic medicine, Simon Tooley taps into his entrepreneurial vein with verve and finesse. In December 2011, Tooley opened ETIKET. He then launched an online store which today accounts for 40% of his sales. This marketing strategy concurs with Simon’s vision of omnichannel retailing and will be the subject of his discussion.

Alex Therrien
Key Accounts Manager
of Lightspeed

Alex has always been passionate about customer experiences… and bikes. In 2014, he co-founded Rebicycle, which specializes in making custom vintage bikes. With a growth rate nearing 100% year over year and no marketing budget, Alex has proven to be an expert when it comes to building real relationships with his customers. He joined Lightspeed in 2015 where he acts as the voice of the customer.

Rami Karam,
Co-Founder & CEO of Thirdshelf

Rami Karam is the co-founder and CEO of Thirdshelf, a company offering a loyalty marketing software to independent retailers. An experienced entrepreneur within various sectors, Rami speaks from his wealth of experience in generating and growing customer loyalty.

Brenin Watts,
Social Media Specialist of Lightspeed

Brenin has spent his career developing social media strategies for various Montreal brands and global musicians across the electronic, indie, and pop genres. He understands how businesses can use social media as a tool to create authentic touch points with customers. Brenin will be speaking about bringing consistent and meaningful content to independent retailers via social media channels.