5 ways to improve restaurant turnover and profitability

5 ways to improve restaurant turnover and profitability

The number of seats in an establishment are typically fixed. Therefore, at a high level, there are two things that you can do to increase your revenue per seat — increase the number of times you turn a table or increase the size of the average cheque. Table turnover is tricky; what is beneficial for the restaurant is not always beneficial for the customer. It is important that your customer not feel rushed during their meal and it’s up to the restaurateur to find ways to either increase prices or reduce meal length, naturally and in a way that the customer will tolerate. We present some suggestions below that you can put to use right away.

1. Optimizing Workflows
Reviewing front-of-house & back-of-house processes is one of the first things that any restaurateur should do when taking stock of table turnover. Watching every detail of your restaurant workflow is the best way to find processes that can be streamlined.

2. Efficient Use of Space
It is important to examine the setup of your restaurant. Ensuring that you have a realistic idea of your needs regarding table setup will help you make the best use of your space and seat as many people as possible.

3. Mobile Technology
Technology available for restaurants today can not only cut the length of time that customers spend sitting at their table, but can also improve customer service and overall satisfaction. With mobile POS technology, servers can communicate instantly with the kitchen or bar, sending through customers’ orders before they’ve even left their table. This type of tableside ordering has been shown to improve the speed and accuracy of drink and meal preparation, leading to an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

4. Making Your Menu Work for You
Table profitability can’t be improved without taking a look at the menu, which is a major factor in how lucrative your restaurant will be. You should be costing every ingredient for every dish on your menu to understand what you’re making per dish — the contracts that you have with your suppliers are a big part of that and should be reassessed periodically.

5. Improve Traffic During Slow Periods
Slower periods can really drag your overall revenue down — empty seats just aren’t good for business. So what can you do to improve table turnover during these inevitable downturns in customer traffic? Well, there are many tried and true methods that can give you a boost and bring in customers when they otherwise wouldn’t be coming in.

Analyzing your table turnover and the profitability of your restaurant is a certain way to increase revenue and help your business flourish. For full details on how improve table turnover and profitability, download our whitepaper…