Data goldmine:

Making the most out of product returns

Data goldmine: Making the most out of product returns

Statistics show that approximately 33% of all online purchases are returned. This figure rises to 40% when talking about online apparel purchases specifically. As for the reason, it’s pretty clear — when a shopping experience lacks the tactile aspect one gets in person, the shopper may not fully understand what they’re buying into. People like to see, feel and try on items. Online shopping, however, forces shoppers to rely solely on a product description and their imaginations.

The return policy
When it comes to online sales, the majority of shoppers will make a point to find out about your return policy prior to buying. What does this mean? Your return policy plays a key role in determining whether a sale is made! Your online store could be exquisitely designed, responsive and easy to navigate, but a poor return policy could sabotage all of the work you have put into the site, discouraging the customer from buying or returning to your site. Today’s online shoppers expect flexibility and convenience when it comes to their online purchases, especially when it comes to returns. By implementing a reasonable return policy, you’ll be mitigating perceived risk by the customer, thereby driving sales. What some retailers don’t realize is that the return policy should serve to decrease the number of returns you experience, increase sales, save you money and build better customer relationships.

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