Cheers to the Great British pub:

6 tips for success

Cheers to the Great British pub: 6 tips for success

The Great British pub is right at the heart of our communities and an important part of the country’s tourist trade. Beer and pubs contribute £22 billion to the UK GDP and generate £13 billion in tax revenue. With around 85% being in rural locations, pubs bring jobs and income to parts of the UK that need it the most.

However, this British stalwart business isn’t without its challenges. The increased cost to the customers and the growing number of restaurants and cafes to rival the traditional pub experience mean that ‘boozers’ need to work hard to keep the customers – and the money – coming in. So, how do sleepy pubs turn into busy watering holes? Here’s our view on how to pull more pints…

Keep up with the trends
Consumer habits and preferences are continually evolving and, as a pub, it’s essential to keep on top of food and drink trends that will encourage your customers to come back for more.

Drinks promotions are a tried and tested way of getting customers through the door, and Happy Hours still put a smile on many publicans’ faces as they draw in the crowds. However, savvy pubs are using meal deals to attract customers to stay longer – and therefore spend more. These pubs are bridging the gap between a traditional pub and a full service restaurant.

For more tips on how to pull more pints for customers every day with the right EPOS, download our full guide…