8 ways Lightspeed POS can help bike stores move inventory

8 ways Lightspeed POS can help bike stores move inventory

With spring in full swing and summer on the horizon, bike stores are experiencing their high season. With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to use your POS system to help you better manage your inventory, keeping your shelves up to date with the latest and greatest stock:

Vendor catalogs found directly in your POS
Lightspeed’s retail POS integrates with some of the cycling industry’s top vendors, such as QBP, Bicycle Technologies International and Giant Bicycle. What does this mean for retailers? For one, it means you can access stock levels in vendor warehouses (within all vendor warehouses), so you know whether the item you’re looking for will be coming in any time soon. The catalogues are also updated regularly, so you know that the items you’re seeing are from the latest collection.

Sending purchase orders directly to your vendor
Your POS should be saving you time. With Lightspeed, you can create and send your
purchase orders directly to your vendors within the software.
You can also easily manage your own expectations and those of your customers — see
what you’ve already ordered and when you can expect to receive it.

Integrations that help you move inventory
Lightspeed’s POS system offers bicycle stores excellent integrations to help you sell more. With Smart Etailing, for example, customers can search for a particular bike part and they’ll find retailers, such as yourselves, that sell the item. Moving old inventory, monitoring current stock and bringing in new merchandise is key to keeping customers happy and your bike store growing. Become more efficient by finding out about all the ways that Lightspeed POS can help you manage your bike store’s inventory.

For a complete guide on eight features that Lightspeed has developed specifically to help retailers move stock, download the full version…