4 tips for a greener restaurant:

save money and reduce your carbon footprint

4 tips for a greener restaurant: save money and reduce your carbon footprint

As consumer concerns regarding environmental sustainability increase, restaurant owners grow more environmentally conscious and start thinking of creative ways to go green. Like in any business, aligning social responsibility with the bottom line is the primary concern when an organization is about to embark on a new initiative that could end up costing more money.

While certain green practices are definitely an investment and can be more expensive than the more common practices, many can actually end up saving you money — all while catering to an increasingly environmentally aware customer base! Studies conducted over the past several years show that 80% of millennials would prefer to work for companies that care about the environmental impact of their activities1, 52% would pay more for environmentally safe products and 83% make purchasing decisions based on sustainability attributes of a product.

We’ve put together 4 ways that your restaurant can reduce its carbon footprint regardless of how long you’ve been around, to save you money and project the kind of image your customers want to support! We spoke with Montreal green café and store Comptoir Urbain owners Loren Dafniotis and Janelle Lunman about what they do to differentiate their business approach. Their local business, a green cafe/body product shop, has become nothing short of a fan favorite in the community, and they had some great insights into what any business can do looking to make a positive impact.

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