Bug Fixes

  • Accounts with a large number of categories (more than 100) will now have all categories appear in the drop-down list when assigning categories to a new reward.
  • Customer will no longer be able to earn points when Pay+Earn is disabled in the Loyalty Manager.
  • Creating an email template with a duplicated name or the name of a previously deleted template will no longer cause the Loyalty Manager to hang.
  • Duplicating an email template now works as intended.
  • VIP status and points are now correctly granted on the sale after the VIP threshold has been met, and no on the sale that first reaches the threshold.
  • A single transaction in Lightspeed Retail will no longer generate multiple transactions in Lightspeed Loyalty, as would occur in some instances.
  • The Basic single column email template will now correctly preview when viewing the available email templates.