New Omni main menu

Announcing a little update with a big impact! We’ve improved the design of the Retail and eCom main menus to be more intuitive and flexible for merchants who use both (Omni merchants).


The main menus in Retail and eCom have been harmonized. Now you’ll have a consistent look and feel across both platforms, helping you and your employees feel more comfortable switching between them. The name of the product you’re using is now identified at the top of the screen so it’s easy to know where you are and easy to switch back and forth.

Changes by product


  • The Sign Out button displays as an option when you click your name in the main menu.
  • The Lock button is more prominent and located near the bottom of the main menu.
  • A menu button to show/hide the main menu displays when using an iPad in the landscape orientation.


  • The eCom Dashboard is now called Home to be consistent with Retail.
  • The sidebar dock and it’s four icons have moved:
    • The Search button is now located at the bottom-right of the main menu.
    • The Help button is now located at the bottom-left of the main menu.
    • Notifications can now be configured under Settings > Activity log.
    • Click the name of a store in the main menu to view or switch stores.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where sorting matrix attributes was not being saved for Retail and Omni merchants.