New Feature

Purchase orders: We’ve added a new employee permission called Inventory – Purchase Order – Add Received to Inventory and modified the existing employee permissions related to purchase orders (POs). By improving their granularity, employee roles are now more customizable and can be configured to meet your real-life needs. Here a few examples:

  • Associates can create POs, edit POs and count quantities received from a shipment without seeing the cost of items or being able to add the counted quantities to inventory.
  • Store managers can create, edit and fully receive a purchase order without seeing the cost of items entered by their headquarters.
  • Inventory managers can do everything possible with POs, including creating new items and importing items from catalogs.


Vendor returns: Vendor returns have been thoughtfully redesigned with a new look, new feel, and plenty of new improvements! We’ve made it a lot easier to tell at a glance which shop is returning items and to which vendor. You can also see the status of the vendor return, which employee created it and quickly edit the vendor’s details without having to leave the page. You can search, sort or bulk delete the items that have been added to the vendor return. Most notably of all though, you can now only return items if they’re in stock. This highly requested change gives you more control over your inventory and helps you maintain the accuracy of your stock levels.

Multi-store reporting: When filtering the History and Inventory Change Logs reports by All Shops, there is now a Shop column that displays in which shop the inventory adjustment occurred. For those of you with multiple shops, this much needed enhancement will help you decipher inventory errors more easily than ever before.