New Features

Custom pricing levels: For those of you who use custom pricing levels, you can now update them using the Item Import tool. To help you get started, the template import CSV file (downloadable under Inventory Import Items) now automatically includes columns for the custom pricing levels you have in your account (unless they are archived).

For more information on how to format your import file and update your custom pricing levels, please click here.

Employee permissions: To improve the security of gift card numbers and prevent them from being copied and used for fraudulent purposes, we’ve added the Customers – View Gift Card Numbers employee permission. If enabled, employees are able to see full gift card numbers. If disabled, employees can only see partially masked gift cards numbers. By default, employees who have the Customers – Basic permission enabled now have the Customers – View Gift Card Numbers enabled as well.


Bug Fixes

  • Master orders: Fixed an issue where adding items to a master order by their category and by reorder points would also add items that didn’t need to be reordered.
  • Time clock: Fixed an issue where the time clock buttons that allow employees to clock in and out were missing under Settings > Employee Setup.  For employees with the Edit employee time clock entries permission enabled, the time clock buttons of all employees are now visible again. For employees with the Edit employee time clock entries permission disabled, only their own time clock button is visible to them.