Introducing version 3.0 of the Retail POS app

Here’s what we improved in its all-new design.


New navigation

Navigating the Retail POS app is made easy with the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The navigation bar provides quick access to three tabs, each consisting of key features to help cashiers and managers accomplish their tasks faster.

  • Profile screen – Complete your everyday point of sale responsibilities quickly and easily. Start new sales, open or close registers, clock in and out, and more. On this screen, you can also see at a glance whether or not your iPad is connected to your Wi-Fi network and devices.
  • Sales screen – Get a full history of all your sales in one place. You can search and filter the list by specific sale details (e.g. customer name, sale number, shop, register and sale status) or simply scan a receipt. Quickly find transactions to start refunds and exchanges or print or email receipts.
  • Manager screen – Use any of the additional features of the web interface directly on your iPad. With its mobile-friendly menus, you can easily check your inventory, analyze reports and configure settings on the go.

Dynamic sale in progress bar

With the new Sale in progress bar, you can easily jump back to a sale if you need to navigate away, for example, to review a past sale on the Sales screen while working on a new one.

Darker styling

We brought the dark styling from Home in the web interface to the Retail POS app. Important action buttons are bigger and bluer to help cashiers quickly navigate around the app and accomplish tasks.

Accessible support and updates

  • When setting up your hardware, you can now tap Learn more to follow along with the step-by-step instructions in the Help Center. From there, you can also explore the articles and videos for information on any Retail POS topic.
  • Still need assistance? Tap Support on the Profile screen. There, you can find the many ways to contact our Retail Support team. You’ll also find information about your account, app version, iOS version and iPad model that will help our Retail Support team help you more efficiently.
  • Have you updated your app version and missed the What’s new screen? Tap Support on the Profile screen and What’s new to stay in the loop.
  • Let us know what you think about the Retail POS app by tapping Support > Rate us on the App Store.


Want more in-depth details about the changes in version 3.0? Visit the Help Center to rediscover the Retail POS app.