What’s new in Lightspeed Retail’s app version 2.20?

New Features

Miscellaneous charges: At Lightspeed, we know that sales move at the speed of life. So, we created the Miscellaneous Charge button to help you keep up! Whether you need to add a discount or create a refund on the fly, this new button provides the speed and flexibility to handle any sale that is thrown at you.

Current shop and register: Processing sales in the correct shop and register is imperative to make sure that your inventory, reporting and till’s closing count are accurate at the end of every day. To help promote this accuracy, the shop and register you’re currently logged in to are now clearly displayed at the top of the Sale screen.


Opt-in marketing: When adding new customers in POS mode, you can now record their explicit consent to receive marketing communications from your shop. By fostering genuine consent through these new Email, Phone and Mail toggles, it gives your customers a sense of control and trust from the very start of their relationship with your business. These new toggles are also compliant with the GDPR.

Item images: One of the strong suits of Retail POS is its ability to display item images during a sale. By doing so, it helps employees showcase items to customers from anywhere in your shop and gives them a visual confirmation that they’re checking out the correct items. To continue making your shop’s experience visually dynamic, we’ve now made it possible to add images when creating items during a sale in POS mode! To add images, you can either take them on the fly with your iPad’s Camera or select an existing image from your iPad’s Photos.

Vendors and brands: Although the Create New Item button in POS mode is highly practical, we understand that time is of the essence when creating a new item during a sale. With this time crunch in mind, you can now search existing brands and vendors when entering your new item’s details rather than scrolling through alphabetical lists.

Change due: When a customer pays for a sale with cash, the Change Due calculation is now displayed front and center on the Sale screen. This makes it easier for employees to see how much change they should give back to your customer at the end of the sale.