What’s new in Lightspeed Retail’s app version 2.21?


New Features

Device-based register selection: Rather than logging you in to the shop and the register you were in last, the Retail POS app now assigns a shop and register to the iPad you’re using. For accounts with multiple shops, registers, iPads, and employees, making the register selection device-based instead of employee-based will ensure that sales are processed in the correct shop and register every single day.

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Current shop and register: Now that the Retail POS app has moved towards a device-based register selection, the current shop and register your iPad is assigned to are clearly displayed at the top of the Lock screen.


Initial register selection: When you download Retail POS or update the app to version 2.21, you’ll need to sign in and select the shop and register you want to assign to your iPad. To change your selections after this initial sign-in, you’ll now need to go to Manage Registers and explicitly select the shop and register you want to assign to your iPad. By centralizing where you can select a register in one area of POS mode, your iPad will remain on the correct register when different employees sign in or enter their PINs.


Limit to shop permission: If your iPad is assigned to a register in a shop you don’t have access to, the Limit To Shop permission in your employee setup is now respected when you try signing in or enter your PIN. Previously, Retail POS would let you into the account and would change the iPad’s shop and register in the process. Now, you’ll need to ask your manager to either change your Limit To Shop setting to the current shop or ask them to change the current register to one that’s in the shop you’re limited to.


11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros: Apple’s new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are now fully supported and their Retail POS experience is optimized for your full-screen enjoyment.


Lightspeed Payments and Vantiv triPOS: For our merchants that have integrated their payment processing with Lightspeed Payments and Vantiv triPOS, you can now initiate manual card payments from within Retail POS rather than pressing the Cancel button on your terminal. This is true for all three of our supported terminals.


Tyro: For our merchants in Australia, we’re excited to announce that you can now process integrated payments and refunds with Tyro in Retail POS! This includes partial payments and refunds. Both the Yomani and Yoximo payment terminals are now supported and Tyro’s transaction log is available in your Device Settings.



Opening counts: When entering your opening count, the new intuitive layout and keyboard allow you to quickly enter your individual cash denominations and move on to the next one by simply tapping Next. Because Retail POS now requires you to assign a register to your iPad to access your account, you also have the option to select a register without entering an opening count. This allows you to navigate around your account as you please and only enter your opening count once you’re ready to start making sales.


Closing counts: Closing counts have also been completely redesigned. By rearranging the Expected, Difference and Counted fields, counting the different cash denominations in your till is now especially intuitive. For non-cash payment types, their Counted fields are now prefilled to match their Expected fields. We thought we’d save you the trouble of entering them manually as they typically match more often than not.