New Year, New Release

Happy New Year! Already hard at work after the festivities of the holidays, we’re laying some foundation for a more substantial release later this month, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few updates for you right now.

Purchase Orders

We’ve added a field in purchase orders that will display the name of the user who created that order. This field cannot be edited, so you’ll always know which employee created a given PO in the system.

Inventory Counts

We’ve improved the granularity of employee permissions related to Inventory Counts. Specifically, the ability to reconcile an inventory count is now separate from the ability to create or edit an inventory count. By default, any employee who has the Inventory – Counts permission will be granted the Inventory – Counts – Reconcile permission as well. You can find a complete rundown of employee permissions and add or remove reconciliation permissions here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the in-transit report to inaccurately report on cost/value when adding quantity to an already-sent transfer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused non-inventory items to appear on the Missed tab of a new inventory count if stock had been added for that item through a PO.