It is said, particularly around the holidays, that home is where the heart is. As of this release, it’s also where the most relevant at-a-glance data on your business can be found. Introducing… Home for Lightspeed Retail!

Here’s what Home has to offer:

  • Quick Stats: evaluate your shop’s performance during the course of a business day by keeping tabs on six key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Sales Chart: visualize the current day’s revenue per hour in an accessible and meaningful way by comparing it against four relevant time periods.
  • Tasks: determine what feature-related actions need to be done in your shop without having to navigate around the interface.
  • Activity Feed: get a general overview of your shop’s activity from anywhere, at any time.

Because Home contains sensitive data (e.g. your shop’s profit and margin), you must have the Reports and Inventory – Product Cost employee permissions enabled in your employee role to access Home.

Want the grand tour? Have a look around and make yourself at Home by following our in-app walk-through and reading our Help article!


Purchase Orders

From Inventory Purchase Orders, you can now find a specific purchase order (PO) quickly and easily by searching its ID number. Among other things, this new ability to search PO IDs also makes cross-referencing between your POs in Lightspeed Retail and your vendors’ documents (e.g. invoices and packing slips that reference your POs) easier than ever before.


Bug Fixes

  • eCommerce buttons: We fixed an issue where when an item was manually created, the Manage Online Details and View in Online Store buttons were not visible in the item’s Details section.
  • Barcodes on sales receipts: We fixed an issue where when a sales receipt was emailed, its barcode displayed as a broken image.
  • Customer tags: We fixed an issue where when a deposit was made to a customer account, any tag that existed in the customer’s Details section was removed.
  • Inventory counts: We fixed an issue where non-inventory items could be added to inventory counts and appeared in the Print Item List. We also fixed the effects this issue had on the Inventory Assets report and the inventory count’s Shrinkage report.