Lightspeed Payments

This release is specific to Lightspeed Payments. Lightspeed Retail users who do not use Lightspeed Payments as their payment processor will not see any changes to their experience with this release, but those who do will see the following improvements and fixes.


We’ve made further improvements to the Lightspeed Payments reports to make sure you have the information you need, the way you want it, without any visual clutter.

  • Reports can now be sorted by the Amount column.
  • More information about how to read the Settlements report has been added to the top of the report.
  • The Settlement ID has been removed from the main page of the Settlements report. The Settlement ID can still be viewed by clicking on a specific settlement for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that prevented shop names from appearing in the filter options for the Integrated Payments report.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with filter pop-up menus not displaying properly on the Integrated Payments report after the page is reloaded.
  • When unable to find the shopID of a given transaction, the report will now properly display N/A rather than OMNI.