What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant?


What’s new on the Lightspeed Restaurant app? 

  • We’ve improved table status logic so tables should no longer display an incorrect status color.  We’ve also added a “blue” table status color for incoming online orders.
    • Takeaway or Delivery table types now display a blue status color until the order has been accepted.
    • For more information, view our Understanding table status tutorial.
  • Lightspeed Loyalty rewards now appear as discounted items.
    • To redeem a reward, users select the usual Loyalty payment type and the reward displays as a discounted item on the receipt.
    • What does the Loyalty reward look like? The Loyalty reward itself now appears as a discounted product on receipts and reports.
    • What does the applied Loyalty redemption look like? The Loyalty redemption now appears as a “Loyalty Account Assigned” payment type on receipts and reports.
    • If voiding a receipt containing a Loyalty discount, users must manually re-add the customer’s Loyalty points from Loyalty Manager.
    • For more information, view our Redeeming Lightspeed rewards tutorial.


What’s new on Lightspeed Restaurant Manager?

  • Your Account ID is now also visible from Restaurant Manager.
    • A few months ago we introduced a new feature where your Account ID is visible from the Restaurant POS app (POS > Tools > Account).
    • Now, you can also view their Account ID from Restaurant Manager. Simply log in to the Restaurant Manager and select your profile icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
    • Why is it useful to know your Account ID? If you ever need to be in touch with our Support Team, simply offer your Account ID number for faster identification. 


For Liteserver users, some features require a LiteServer to be updated to version 7.23. This update occurs automatically. Please contact our Support Team to update your Liteserver sooner.